Swarmfest 2017, Nov 9th-11th

Goatcraft is confirmed to perform at this year’s SwamFest in Tampa, FL (The Brass Mug). The Festival is stacked with some heavy-hitters in the metal underground: Amon (former Deicide members), Nocturnus AD, and so on. Goatcraft goes on that Friday night in which Amon is headlining. More information can be found on SwarmFest’s Facebook page.

Death By Festival / Oct 28th 2017

Lonegoat, necroclassical pioneer, will perform a Goatcraft set at the inaugural Death by Festival in Austin TX (The North Door) on October 28th, 2017. This will be his first performance in over a year. According to him, it’ll be a continual performance in which prior and new Goatcraft material is sewn together to present necroclassical…