Brief Hiatus

Everything Goatcraft has been put on hold for a bit; will continue next year. The reason behind this hiatus is because I’ve been writing/practicing music for a classical performance coming up this November. It’ll be professionally filmed, so those of you not in Texas will still be able to check it out.

The piece is called ‘Convergent Morphogenesis’ and it is certainly one of my best compositions (if not the best).

Convergent Morphogenesis can be broken down into three distinct sections:

I. Birth/Thesis

The piece is introduced with wild fluttering upon a baroque foundation. With acceleration, themes are sequentially depicted, in linear fashion, to represent direct growth.

II. Annihilation/Antithesis

Unbridled expansion and contraction. Deconstruction is the main emphasis which is portrayed as scales running up and down until it reaches a fever pitch.

III. Resolution/Synthesis

After the obliteration, the chief human potency, the mind, must confront its experiential birth and destruction to reconcile itself in a hostile world.

Other than this piece, I have some other collaborations in the works. Goatcraft is somewhat on the backburner as I’ve ceased work on the next album.

Thanks for your patience.